Hot Water upgrade

When we bought Casa Colonial I recognized there were quite a few things that didn’t meet my “from the US” standards. One was the hot water system. There were two electric flash heaters — one for downstairs and one for upstairs. One needed to be replaced anyway and heating water with electricity is expensive. In […]

New Internet connection

We have had Internet but it would get slow (OK, very slow) at times. OK, very slow. So, I went shopping for a better option. I found it with MayaNet in Panajachel. They have service in quite a few places on the lake but their “middle of San Antonio” service wasn’t going to cut it […]

Sunday Market in San Lucas

San Lucas is a 25 minute boat trip from San Antonio. At Q10 (Q5 for locals) it is a pretty trip but, on Sunday morning it can be a good market trip. A whole bunch of streets are closed to vehicles and become a huge public market. I don’t know how many blocks yet but […]

Words from the street

While Casa Colonial sits about 30 meters above the street behind some trees, there are things that happen in the street that you will hear. Sometimes it is easy to understand, sometimes you will have no clue. I was inspired to make this post because of “the chatarra man”. I am sure he is in […]


While there are not a lot of “street vendors” here, there are some. And, some aren’t selling anything — they just want stuff. Yesterday, for example, I guy was looking for latas (cans). Today, it was chicken. If you live in the U.S. or another first world country you would probably be surprised by someone […]