Add Miguel to the useful contacts

This morning I was making a supply run to Panajachel. As we still don’t have the parking space available the car is in Pana so it is a trip with a backpack. I was walking down to where the bus to Xela leaves at about 0720 and heard someone hollar out “Panajachel?” Well, it was […]

San Lucas again

Sunday shopping trips to San Lucas have become the norm. This week I went alone and Rocio stayed to be breakfast cook. This time I left earlier and got on the Santa Maria, a big boat that leaves at 0730 for San Lucas, then does cruises for the rest of the morning and returns from […]

Geek Contest Winner

While we seem to be pretty well known in the tourist community, I wanted to do something to encourage computer geeks to come here. Having been the publisher of Linux Journal for all so many years, I decided to work with LJ on the promotion. We decided to give away a week at Casa Colonial […]

My daughter the cheapskate

My daughter and I along with our guest Jasmin went to San Lucas yesterday morning. It was the usual under 30 minute boat trip and while everyone who is not a “local” seems to pay Q10 on the boat, Rocio once again got us the trip at Q5 each. We ate breakfast there (as we […]

Good Local Shopping Day

I was going to walk to the center of San Antonio to buy a couple of plumbing fittings but Rocio started with a list of things she wanted. So, we went together. I wasn’t expecting to find any interesting food but we did. And, more important, we found more places to buy things. Purchases included […]