Being International

It’s the end of January and things are finally quieting down. After being full for a couple of days we only have one couple here and no one scheduled for over a week.  Thus, it is a chance to reflect on the holiday season. Our first running the B&B. We have had guests from the […]

Talking with William

William is a guy my friend Dennis and I talked to yesterday. He is not going to be a client here but some useful information came out in the conversation for more of the backpacker type. Or, “how to spend little while in Panajachel. Check it out at

Progress on the upgrades

Not everything is done (and probably never will be) but we are making progress. Here are the significant events. The loza over the garage is done and, finally, the support timbers have been removed. That means two things: I can, once again, park my car here and we are ready to build the workshop above […]

Want to give away a room?

You may have read that we gave away a week at Casa Colonial to a Linux geek. Why? Because Linux geeks will love it here but they don’t know we exist. So, Linux Journal got something to give away and we got some publicity. I see it as a win-win. So much nicer that paid […]

Learning from Guests

The last two weeks has been really busy with guests from Canada, Europe, the U.S. and Guatemala. The majority found out about us from AirBnB. Someone who finds us there generally is looking for a more personal experience than from a hotel. Compare it to someone who eats at a small local restaurant vs. a […]