The Bodega is almost done

I was going to wait but realized it is important if you are looking for Casa Colonial that you know the new street look of the place. So, here it is. It will get stuccoed” and painted but the idea is that there is now a big room over the garage. Once we get the […]

Eating “Chicos”

When we were in San Lucas a woman was selling Zapotes which I love but seldom buy because I love a little and they are big fruit. But, she also had another fruit that was the size of a golf ball but with the same color skin as a Zapote. I asked what it was […]


Or, more accurately,  It’s a web site where you can learn, for free, another language. I went through the English to Spanish program. Rocio, sometimes, does the Spanish to English (hint, hint Rocio). It’s free, it’s fun, its well-done and by using it you are doing something useful. Why you personally are not “the […]

What’s New?

The short answer is not as much as I had hoped but we are moving right along. Let me hit some random points. Workshop construction It has finally started. Last December I had a “roof” built on the garage. The word here is loza and it is a reinforced concrete one that can be built […]