The Good, the Crazy and the Good

This is my first Semana Santa in Casa Colonial. So, I was not aware of how things work here. The short story is that the streets in San Antonio are closed on Good Friday and decorated. The photo on the left is in front of Casa Colonial. The other photo is a bit down the […]

Can you help us?

This week, most of our guests have been from Guatemala City. Very different from our December/January guests. We have had far more booking requests than space to accomidate them. But, most of our guests ended up here because they could not find a room in Panajachel. While we were “second choice”, most of them were […]

A Crazy Week

Yes, it’s Semana Santa but the crazyness goes way beyond that. We are still doing a lot of work on the property. For example, the bodega construction is complete but I am doing the electrical work there and in other places as well. Dino has been putting mini-roofs above three windows that are on the […]

Solar Panel Mounted, Garden Started

We continue to make progress on our project backlog. Today, Dino mounted the solar panel that runs the irrigation pump above the back wall. That means more power (because of an improved location) and less fear that a rock will fall on it. Other than waiting for some different filters (that won’t clog rapidly) we […]

Is Our Weather Broken?

This is the dry season. But, it is raining. Not a drip, drip, drip but serious rain. I understand I was tempting fate by doing my laundry today but, well, I have been known to do my laundry on a somewhat regular schedule. The Fuego volcano has been erupting. While it is no where near […]