My First Six Months

I have been operating Casa Colonial Atitlan for six months. I guess that makes it time for a status report. First, about the guests. We have had quests from all around the world. That includes England, France, Germany, and Switzerland on the European front; the U.S. and Canada for North America and Panama and Colombia […]

New Walkway, Door Lock

A few of the projects are now done. For example, the path from the entrance to the stairs was a disaster of broken brick tiles and mud. Well, no longer. The construction guys are just finishing up today and it will be ready to walk on tomorrow. For those who want to improve their Spanish, […]

Lluvia, lluvia, lluvia

It’s raining hard right now. The same thing happened last night at about the same time. No rain during the day which is how it should be. But, there is something wrong.

Effecting Local Change

I love it here. I don’t really want to change San Antonio but there are some things I would rather buy locally. No, I don’t expect to find tofu or tempeh but I have a list of things that should be available here. Well, I have now successfully got two from the list: Cabro and […]

An “American” Breakfast

I recently had a guest say they wanted an “American” breakfast. Let’s ignore for a minute that Guatemala is in “America” and assume what was intended was a “USAno breakfast”. I mostly lived on the west coast of the US but traveled to the midwest, the south and the northeast. So, I started thinking about […]