Volcano Eruption

My guests arrived too late for the sunset last night. I kidded them about missing it and that they would have to settle for the sunrise. They were on the terrace watching and then asked, “is that normal?” The answer was no and, looking at a map, I guessed it was Santa Maria erupting. No […]

Bodega, sign, …

OK, the bodega is done. That is, the construction is done and we are moving stuff in. I am still working on the electrical. The big change is that we now look different from the street. The sign is now on the porton and, soon, there will be a mini-roof over the porton, a light […]

Dealing with US Currency

The Guatemalan government just did something that seems totally crazy — they told the banks they cannot accept US currency in bills of $20 or less. I leaned this when I just got back from a trip where I closed a bank account and brought back about $2000 in US $20 bills. How this will […]