Why San Antonio Palopó?

There are lots of reasons to stay here (or, in my case, live here) but what you see in the photo is clearly a big one. I wasn’t looking for a photo opportunity. I was actually just walking down the terraza to close the door at the end and realized there was a “Kodak moment” […]

Almost Solar Power

That is, solar power for almost everything. If you compare the home page photo with this one you can see what the external changes look like. Four 280W solar panels added to the roof. Inside the changes are more extreme. Batteries, PV controller, inverter/charger and some “always on” circuits. It’s all good for us and […]

Mojito time?

If you are not familiar with the tropics, you may expect all fruit to be ripe at the same time. Well, that is just not the case. But, there is a lot of stuff that is ripe now. While hard to see because they are currently the same color as the leaves, this is a […]