Lemons or Waffles?

I just went up to water the garden (not much growing there but we are about to fix that) and I decided to grab a few lemons. We have three lemon trees but one produces “industrial-sized” lemons. The photo is of the biggest one today but there were a lot close to that size which […]

Our First Year

We have owned/run Casa Colonial Atitlan for a year now. There have been some really fun times thanks to some great guests but there has also been a lot of work. Like buying anything used, you will find things you want to change and things you will need to fix. Here is our story so […]

Jocote Time

The jocotes are ripe. This is the first batch that Dino brought down from the trees. This time there appear to be more that the birds can eat. Let me explain. We have lots of fruit trees including apple, fig, mango, nispero, peach, guava, avocado, orange and lemon. The birds get most of the figs […]

Santa Catarina Road Disaster

One of the worst things about getting to San Antonio Palopó is having to pass through Santa Catarina. The road is really narrow in town basically one lane. Well, it got worse. They are now fixing the road and that is not a good thing for us. This is a serious repair job where they […]