Free Waffle Day Was a Success

Today we gave away waffles to anyone who wanted them. I had told a few people about it plus we put up a “Waffles Gratis” sign next to our door. That meant waffles, syrup including home made blackberry and strawberry, coffee and frescos. I didn’t take any photos because many consider it an invasion of […]

We Didn’t Blow Away

Yet. Windy days in December are common but this morning has been pretty amazing. We saw one boat going from Santa Cruz to Panajachel (less wind this morning in Pana) but no others on the lake. The San Antonio to San Lucas run has not been operating this morning. It’s not cold — just really […]

Road Update, Dinner Update

The road has clearly hurt our business a lot but it is almost done. What is being said is “before Christmas” and that looks pretty likely. This is, of course, good news for you as our bookings have been down because of this. We have rooms available every night. The studio apartment is currently rented […]


With the road between Panajachel and San Antonio Palopó still closed in Santa Catarina (it was open for a few days for the Santa Catarina town fair) I regularly pass by Godinez, a town on the road between Agua Escondida and Panajachel. I figured it was worth adding a bit of info about it. This […]