A Crazy Week

Yes, it’s Semana Santa but the crazyness goes way beyond that. We are still doing a lot of work on the property. For example, the bodega construction is complete but I am doing the electrical work there and in other places as well. Dino has been putting mini-roofs above three windows that are on the windy side of the building. And more.

Room rentals have been pretty strange as well. There is another “Casa Colonial” in Panajachel and I have been getting multiple calls every day from people wanting to book a room there. What’s crazy is, as far as I know, the only place our phone number is published is on our web site. That combined with a “no show” and people wanting two rooms when we only have one available or two nights when we only have a vacancy for one has been, well, stressful. Just to make sure I am going crazy, I am leaving on a business trip the end of the week.

OK, back to my personal insanity. 🙂