About Us

FelipePhil (Felipe) is a computer geek (Linux) with lots of other technical experience — from electric cars to construction.

After a bit of looking around he decided being on Lake Atitlan is about as good as it can get.

With his technical background and experience in three Central American countries, he can talk to you about Linux as well as Central American culture.

RocioRocio is Phil’s adopted daughter. She just had a baby but still wants to return to school and study to be a doctor. More important for Phil, she has been his “cultural translator”. We continue to learn a lot from each other.

Her learning style has been a real pleasure. She likes to learn by doing. To that end she has proved she can be an electrician, a mechanic and a carpenter. What she can do is, at times, disturbing to some of her classmates.

Rocio was born and raised in Panajachel so she can be a wealth of resources on the area from a native perspective.

FredFred, son of Carlos and Baruffa, thinks he is the boss — of everything. He is native Nicaraguan but his parents were Ticos which may explain his personality.

He would be really upset if we didn’t mention him.


Another important ingredient to make a business is the people that work there. While Phil works too much, there are other important players.

img_3220The person in charge of all what would be considered “women’s work” here is San Antonio Palopó (local attitude, not my personal one) is handled by Marlen. She does all the cleaning and some of the cooking. She is from San Antonio and lives less than 100 meters away. She is new to the team but is working out great. A current guest talking her into cooking breakfast for him this morning — because he wanted “Guatemalan cooking”.

All the work that is left is done by Dino. He is the father of a friend of Rocio with years of experience being “the handyman”. Dino did a lot of electrical work, for example, maintains the grounds and garden and, well, lots of other things. He lives in Panajachel which means a commute for him but it also means he can do errands for me so I don’t have to travel to Pana.

While we hope you decide to stay with us, we have added a lot of information to this site that will be of general use to people interested in the area. We are proud to be part of San Antonio Palopó and want you to know about the area.

If you cancel a reservation at least two days in advance, you will receive a full refund. If you have a problem with the food we serve, we will either offer you another food choice at no additional charge or refund the cost.

If you have other questions not answered here, ask. You can send us email in English or Spanish at info@casasderocio.com.

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