Live Cam

We all can’t be here all the time. We decided a remote camera view from our terrace could at least show you what you are missing. So, here we go.

I just moved the camera. It is now pointing pretty much toward San Pedro. Clearly I need to move where it is mounted as you can see one of the roof supports. I then want to aim it so there is more sky, more volcano and a bit turther toward indian nose. That is, if the camera doesn’t freak out when we get close to sunset.

In the foreground is the lake shore just a bit away from the public dock.

This view is but a small part of the lake that you can see from the terrace. I picked this direction because it is the most active as far as boats. Other directions offer more interesting events as the clouds cover and uncover volcanos.

The image is updated every few minutes from about 6AM to 6PM. The most “interesting” images tend to be in the early morning. You will see the sun appear at the tops of the mountains on the other side of the lake, move down them and then move across the lake.  I will be adding some snapshots taking during the day.


Below are some still photos taken from the deck.