Add Miguel to the useful contacts

img_2332This morning I was making a supply run to Panajachel. As we still don’t have the parking space available the car is in Pana so it is a trip with a backpack. I was walking down to where the bus to Xela leaves at about 0720 and heard someone hollar out “Panajachel?” Well, it was Miguel on a boat about to leave for Pana. So, I became his one passenger.

We started chatting and I told him about Casa Colonial, what guests might want and such. He lives in San Antonio and basically offered to do what someone might want — from boat trips to bring beer to the B&B. Really!

I asked some generic questions and got some generic but possibly useful answers. Here goes.

  • If he is making a trip anyway (to somewhere) the price could be from Q10 to Q25.
  • Private cruises — in the boat shown or a smaller one — from Q125 to Q200.
  • Rent a kyak for Q40/hour.
  • Rent a small boat with a 15hp or 25hp motor.

This was the first time I took a boat to Pana from San Antonio and it offered a new perspective. He said for a guest trip he would go along the shore so you could see things better.

In any case, I have his contact information. Let me know if you are looking for something special. It could certainly include getting here from Pana by boat and getting dropped off at the dock below the property rather than the main dock.