An “American” Breakfast

I recently had a guest say they wanted an “American” breakfast. Let’s ignore for a minute that Guatemala is in “America” and assume what was intended was a “USAno breakfast”. I mostly lived on the west coast of the US but traveled to the midwest, the south and the northeast. So, I started thinking about a USAno breakfast. Here are a few data points:

  • In Los Angeles that would likely mean eggs, bacon and white toast. Or maybe pancakes.
  • In Seattle it might mean a truck driver breakfast of a 13 egg omlette (sound impossible? Check out Beth’s on Aurora Avenue) or a tofu scramble.
  • In the midwest it will have eggs but probably a slab of cow or pig tossed in for good measure.
  • In the south it will most certainly include grits.
  • In New York City it is more likely to be a bagle, lox and cream cheese.

What you find here is mostly dictated by what is local. Typically that includes:

  • Locally produced eggs.
  • Whatever fruit is available locally — right now you will get bananas and avocados from our property plus locally grown mangos, strawberries, papaya or any of 20 other fruits.
  • Broccoli seems to be available right now but acelga (swiss chard) from our garden should be ready in a couple of weeks with tomatoes a bit further off.
  • Our special oat bread. (I personally prefer tortillas but I am not impressed with the tortillas made here in town.
  • Guatemalan coffee or a Central American herb tea.

If you are Vegan, let us know. We are happy to accomidate.