Live Camera Fixed, Exciting News Coming

About a month after we put up the new camera it stopped working. I have been waiting for a replacement but I tried a bit of CPR on it today. It’s working again. You can see the results here. It was not “broken”, it had just lost its mind. That is, it’s correct IP address […]

Of Figs and Hot Tubs

Well, the figs are maturing (as are the mangos). The mangos are new this year with two small trees. Last year we had figs but we had to “share” them. What that means is that the birds got about 75%. I would be OK with 50-50. Let’s see how this year goes. The rains have […]

What’s New in April?

The first thing is rain. Not a lot but a nice change that will get the hills green again. I love the rain. Rocio loves the rain. And, lots of travelers love the rain.Rain here tends to be part of the day, still warm and downright nice. Next, I finally replaced the defunct web camera. […]

Do You Want to Stay Here?

We have been running Casa Colonial Atitlan for a year and a half. We have learned some interesting things — some of which we need to tell the potential customers. For example, how the roads in San Antonio Palopó are all closed (and decorated) on Good Friday. In other words, you can’t drive in/out on […]

Site Update

A few days ago a future guest asked me for directions and I pointed him at this site. He couldn’t find the information he needed. Well, it took me about 10 minutes to find it myself. Clearly, this site needs some serious reorganization. My “excuse” is that it used to have information about both the […]