Being International

It’s the end of January and things are finally quieting down. After being full for a couple of days we only have one couple here and no one scheduled for over a week.  Thus, it is a chance to reflect on the holiday season. Our first running the B&B.

We have had guests from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Guatemala (of course), the United States, Canada (Quebec actually which makes things more interesting language-wise), Turkey and probably some other places I have forgotten. To be honest, it has been fun. I have met a lot of interesting people.

For me, I have met a lot of people from other countries, particularly when I was speaking at Linux trade shows. That doesn’t mean this was not fun for me but I think it has been a big win for Rocio. She has never been outside of Guatemala but next year she will be in a university somewhere and that is unlikely to be Guatemala. So, it has been both a chance to practice her English (most of the guests, no matter where they were from, spoke English — many spoke Spanish but their English was better than their Spanish) and meet people from other countries.

Do I want to be the guy operating a B&B all year? Honestly, no. But, tourism in Guatemala is seasonal. So, I am not the chief cook and bottle washer 365 days a year (or 366 this year). Sure, we will have a few guests from time to time but most will be here between the beginning of November and end of January plus Semana Santa.

What would I like to see? Someone who wants to stay here for a month or three, just doing their own thing. That is, they are self-sufficient cooking their own meals and we only have to clean their room once a week, change the sheets and such. In return, they get a lot of private time to, for example, do computer geek work. We call this win-win.

So, let me make a firm offer here. If you are looking for a month-long getaway between April and October, here is the deal. The studio apartment usually rents for $55 per night. But, if you want to “escape”, rent it for only $500/mo. That includes gas for your stove in the mini-kitchen and weekly cleanings. Plus, like always, an amazing view of the lake.