Bodega construction progress

Bodega almost completeThe bodega is almost done. The guys are putting on, in Gringo words, the stucco today. After that they need to put on a door and make the steps up from the walkway to the door. It sounds like they will be done some time next week. Then Tino and I get to be electricians and I can start moving stuff here.

If you are used to US-style scaffolding, you will probably be amused by this. Nothing to rent and assemble. Just start with some cheap wood and build what you want. It seems to work just fine.

Lavandero drain chanelSpeaking of Tino, he has been working on the laundry area. The first step was to make a canal for the water from the lavandero to drain into the bamboo. (There was already a pipe for the washing machine but the lavandero just drained onto the rockwork.) Now he is building the roof.

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