Bodega, sign, …

img_2554OK, the bodega is done. That is, the construction is done and we are moving stuff in. I am still working on the electrical. The big change is that we now look different from the street. The sign is now on the porton and, soon, there will be a mini-roof over the porton, a light over the sign, a camera and an electronic entry system.

Adding the bodega didn’t make it any harder to see the street — we never could see it. We have always needed the camera and electronic entry system. With the bodega there with power, it just makes everything possible.

If you are concerned, no, the bodega doesn’t block the view. The B&B is about 20 meters above and behind the street so nothing is blocked. If fact, you can’t see much of the bodega because of the trees.

During Semana Santa we had a lot of people from Guatemala City. Most of them came here in their own vehicle. Fortunately one couple came here on a motorcycle as there is really only room for two cars in the garage and even then, they need to be relatively short cars. While having a car here on the lake tends to be a disadvantage (you get to most places by boat) we are looking into ways to offer more off-street parking.