Can you help us?

This week, most of our guests have been from Guatemala City. Very different from our December/January guests. We have had far more booking requests than space to accomidate them. But, most of our guests ended up here because they could not find a room in Panajachel.

While we were “second choice”, most of them were really pleased to be here. That is, they saw San Antonio Palopó for the first time and realized how amazing it was to be out of all the noise of Panajachel. They like the community and the tranquility. Most say they will come back.

What I realize is that right now we are “overflow” from Pana but once people are here they see the pluses we have to offer. What I would like to do is figure a way to make residents of Guatemala City aware of what San Antonio Palopó has to offer. We are not the only place to stay in town but I think we are unique. I am happy to work with other places here so people can see their options. While some people will want the “activity” of Pana, there certainly are city folk looking for tranquility.

Let us know if you have any ideas to help promote us for, well, what we really are — tranquility on the lake.