No-Drive Getaway Weekend

If you are looking for an low-stress and inexpensive weekend getaway, here is a possible option. Take a public bus to San Antonio Palopó, have lunch in town, watch the sunset, have an early breakfast here, take a boat to the Sunday market in San Lucas and then return to Guatemala City via public bus. […]


With the road between Panajachel and San Antonio Palopó still closed in Santa Catarina (it was open for a few days for the Santa Catarina town fair) I regularly pass by Godinez, a town on the road between Agua Escondida and Panajachel. I figured it was worth adding a bit of info about it. This […]

Santa Catarina Road Disaster

One of the worst things about getting to San Antonio Palopó is having to pass through Santa Catarina. The road is really narrow in town basically one lane. Well, it got worse. They are now fixing the road and that is not a good thing for us. This is a serious repair job where they […]

Returning from San Lucas by Land

I went to San Lucas this morning by boat to run some errands. Rather than return by boat I decided to take the “land route”. I did this once before with Rocio but this time I was alone. You can either do it using a pickup or van from San Lucas to Agua Escondida and […]

Add Miguel to the useful contacts

This morning I was making a supply run to Panajachel. As we still don’t have the parking space available the car is in Pana so it is a trip with a backpack. I was walking down to where the bus to Xela leaves at about 0720 and heard someone hollar out “Panajachel?” Well, it was […]