Coffee, anyone?

Well, like virtually anywhere in Guatemala, coffee is not new but how we are making it is. Introducing Sr. Jura, our new family member. Of, more specifically, Jura E8. He is now in charge of making your coffee. This is an automatic coffee maker. You just push a button (push twice for twice as much) […]

Our Not Good Easter

First, I want to apologize to the clients whose reservations we had to cancel. While we try to be prepared for anything, this anything was bigger than our plans. The short answer is NO WATER. Not just for us but for the community. Now, unlike most of our neighbors, we have a cistern which directly […]

Pay Us with Bitcoin

I keep forgetting to post this always intending to do a serious site upgrade and include this information but never get around to it. So, let me say it now: you can pay your bill here with Bitcoin. If you want to do that, send email to and we will respond with an amount […]

No-Drive Getaway Weekend

If you are looking for an low-stress and inexpensive weekend getaway, here is a possible option. Take a public bus to San Antonio Palopó, have lunch in town, watch the sunset, have an early breakfast here, take a boat to the Sunday market in San Lucas and then return to Guatemala City via public bus. […]

Random Updates

First, I just opened up reservations for the rest of the year. Rocio is back home with her son and things have settled down. Now, I owed everyone a story a month ago but things just didn’t happen as planned. But, we have a new plan which will be less extensive but should make everyone […]