No-Drive Getaway Weekend

If you are looking for an low-stress and inexpensive weekend getaway, here is a possible option. Take a public bus to San Antonio Palopó, have lunch in town, watch the sunset, have an early breakfast here, take a boat to the Sunday market in San Lucas and then return to Guatemala City via public bus. […]

Of Figs and Hot Tubs

Well, the figs are maturing (as are the mangos). The mangos are new this year with two small trees. Last year we had figs but we had to “share” them. What that means is that the birds got about 75%. I would be OK with 50-50. Let’s see how this year goes. The rains have […]

Almost Solar Power

That is, solar power for almost everything. If you compare the home page photo with this one you can see what the external changes look like. Four 280W solar panels added to the roof. Inside the changes are more extreme. Batteries, PV controller, inverter/charger and some “always on” circuits. It’s all good for us and […]

Generator Connected

I write this while running off generator power. Not because the power is out but because the generator is now connected and I wanted to make sure all is well. It’s a 6kW Diesel generator located by the bodega. Yeah, you can hear it in the B&B but it is not very loud. It’s been […]

The New Roof

Well, you can’t really see any difference but it no longer rains inside the terraza and along the back of the house. While the house proper has laminas under the tiles, the terrace and back side did not. Thus, there were leaks. The workers removed the tiles and put in the laminas. On the back […]