Generator Connected

I write this while running off generator power. Not because the power is out but because the generator is now connected and I wanted to make sure all is well. It’s a 6kW Diesel generator located by the bodega. Yeah, you can hear it in the B&B but it is not very loud. It’s been […]

The New Roof

Well, you can’t really see any difference but it no longer rains inside the terraza and along the back of the house. While the house proper has laminas under the tiles, the terrace and back side did not. Thus, there were leaks. The workers removed the tiles and put in the laminas. On the back […]

New Walkway, Door Lock

A few of the projects are now done. For example, the path from the entrance to the stairs was a disaster of broken brick tiles and mud. Well, no longer. The construction guys are just finishing up today and it will be ready to walk on tomorrow. For those who want to improve their Spanish, […]

Bodega, sign, …

OK, the bodega is done. That is, the construction is done and we are moving stuff in. I am still working on the electrical. The big change is that we now look different from the street. The sign is now on the porton and, soon, there will be a mini-roof over the porton, a light […]

Solar Panel Mounted, Garden Started

We continue to make progress on our project backlog. Today, Dino mounted the solar panel that runs the irrigation pump above the back wall. That means more power (because of an improved location) and less fear that a rock will fall on it. Other than waiting for some different filters (that won’t clog rapidly) we […]