No, We Are Not in Thailand

Sorta funny, sorta not. But, no, Casas de Rocio did not move to the Gulf of Bengal. Something was wrong with our reservations. We use both AirBnB and Booking but we normally get about twice as many reservations through AirBnB than through Booking. For the last few months we have had zero AirBnB reservations. It […]

Site Update

A few days ago a future guest asked me for directions and I pointed him at this site. He couldn’t find the information he needed. Well, it took me about 10 minutes to find it myself. Clearly, this site needs some serious reorganization. My “excuse” is that it used to have information about both the […]

Grocery Shopping

Our studio apartment has a kitchen. Some of you have asked “where can we get groceries”? Good question with pretty limited answers for San Antonio Palopó. Grocery Shopping on Atitlan Life gives you some useful information.

Effecting Local Change

I love it here. I don’t really want to change San Antonio but there are some things I would rather buy locally. No, I don’t expect to find tofu or tempeh but I have a list of things that should be available here. Well, I have now successfully got two from the list: Cabro and […]

Dealing with US Currency

The Guatemalan government just did something that seems totally crazy — they told the banks they cannot accept US currency in bills of $20 or less. I leaned this when I just got back from a trip where I closed a bank account and brought back about $2000 in US $20 bills. How this will […]