Coffee, anyone?

Well, like virtually anywhere in Guatemala, coffee is not new but how we are making it is. Introducing Sr. Jura, our new family member. Of, more specifically, Jura E8. He is now in charge of making your coffee.

This is an automatic coffee maker. You just push a button (push twice for twice as much) and he grinds the beans and makes the coffee. Or espresso. For those you want some kind of milk (we try to give you a choice between cow and almond) you can also select latte, flat white and something else I forget.

If you are not into caffeine, the machine will also dispense hot water for tea.

We just got it last night and are just learning about it. The first thing we learned is that the beans I bought are not that exciting. In a few days we will try the next kind until we find something we really like.