Dinners at Casas de Rocio

Being a Bed and Breakfast, people expect breakfasts and we have always offered them. But, San Antonio Palopó is an indigenous bedroom community and there are few options for other meals. After a few requests, we decided to add some dinner options. Based on recent guest feedback, we seem to be on the right track.

I should have taken pictures but, well, we were busy doing the dinners. For the most part they were Rocio’s inventions and work. So far that has been two chicken dinners and two fish dinners. The chicken dinners were basically a stewed chicken in an “invented by Rocio” sauce served with rice and two filet of fish dinners (fried but with another “invented by Rocio” sauce) with baked potatoes and steamed broccoli.

While what we offer is evolving, we want to offer something you won’t find elsewhere, made with as much local ingredients as possible. Some other ideas include a shrimp dinner, a soup and bread or crackers lunch choice and some desserts (which Rocio loves to make — and eat).

We also plan to start doing a “waffle morning”. Probably on Sundays where we will have what is traditional plus a “healthy choice” and a “vegan choice”. Speaking of Vegan, we intend to always have a Vegan choice available– for breakfast as well as other meals.

If there is something you would like to see us make available, speak up. Maybe Rocio will decide to be a chef instead of a doctor. 🙂


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  1. So if Notaries are the real lawyers in Central America, are cooks the real doctors? I mean, we are what we eat, right? Kudos to Rocio!

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