Eating “Chicos”

ChicoWhen we were in San Lucas a woman was selling Zapotes which I love but seldom buy because I love a little and they are big fruit. But, she also had another fruit that was the size of a golf ball but with the same color skin as a Zapote. I asked what it was and she said a “chico”.

She realized the name didn’t exactly get me to understand that I wanted to buy some so she split one open and gave each of out a piece. Yum.

It is similar to a regular Zapote (it is a type of Zapote according to Wikipedia)  but much smaller, sweeter and less creamy. I had never noticed them before but apparently they are common in Mexico and Guatemala. I saved some seeds so we can see if they will grow here.

By the way, her marketing trick of offering a sample worked. I bought a dozen which, as I remember, cost Q10.