Effecting Local Change

I love it here. I don’t really want to change San Antonio but there are some things I would rather buy locally. No, I don’t expect to find tofu or tempeh but I have a list of things that should be available here. Well, I have now successfully got two from the list: Cabro and Moza.

While not the most important (always having garlic in the public market is probably number one) I tend to buy my regular stuff in one local tienda. There are four a bit closer but this one just “feels right”. The people are great and even understand (or at least tolerate) my sense of humor. So, every time they ask me “algo mas” (basically, anything else?) I have always said “cabro, por favor”. OK, cabro is a decent Guatemalan beer. Everywhere you find Gallo which sucks plus a few other bad beers. Cabro is actually a decent beer.

Well, it happened. The tienda now has Cabro. And, a few days ago, they asked me which was better: cabro or moza. Moza is a dark beer. Similar to Negra Modelo. Tasty and my first choice when it is relatively cold. I explained that and they now have both. Very cool.