Finally, the Camera is Back On-Line

It has been a long process but the Live Cam page is now getting updated again. The history is:

  • A lightening strike totaled some equipment including the previous web camera.
  • I ordered a replacement but it actually didn’t interface with the way I wanted to talk to the camera.
  • I ordered a replacement like the old one but with better resolution but it got lost.
  • I ordered another replacement but it took forever to get here.

I bought one very much like the old one but it actually has “improved” firmware. That seems to mean that it is compatible with the rtsp protocol that most new cameras support. But, what that really meant is that rtsp replaced the feature I was using — ftp still photos at a given interval. So, I changed how I talk to the camera.

I put a program called motion on the server system and spent all too much time configuring it. It turned out that the default package was an older version so the configuration options were not working properly. Finally fixed and the first images are up there. Tomorrow, the mid-day image should get updated.

One project down, 100 others to get done.