Free Waffle Day Was a Success

Today we gave away waffles to anyone who wanted them. I had told a few people about it plus we put up a “Waffles Gratis” sign next to our door. That meant waffles, syrup including home made blackberry and strawberry, coffee and frescos. I didn’t take any photos because many consider it an invasion of their privacy but it was pretty interesting with some surprises for me.

We served about 35 people but quite a few wanted “waffles to go” to take to their mother, sister, … We used 14 eggs which means seven batches of waffles, each having two cups of flour in it. In other words, quite a few.

Everyone who came were local which was no surprise but who they were did offer some surprises. They were:

  • Santos, the TukTuk driver who lives across the street.
  • Three guys who Dino explained were the guys from the garbage truck which goes by.
  • The lady who runs the tienda next door with an assortment of kids, nieces, …
  • A kid who was one of the guys carrying sand up the hill for a neighbor.
  • A big assortment of kids from 2 to maybe 16.

The big surprise for me was language. The majority only spoke Kachiquel. By majority I am talking maybe 80%. For example, the garbage truck guys but most of the kids who were not yet in school. If Dino had not been here as both my helper and my translator there would have been a lot more just pointing.

In any case, it worked out well and even those who didn’t speak Spanish managed to say gracias. It actually was fun and I now want to come up with something similar that we could to during the year.