Geek Contest Winner

While we seem to be pretty well known in the tourist community, I wanted to do something to encourage computer geeks to come here. Having been the publisher of Linux Journal for all so many years, I decided to work with LJ on the promotion. We decided to give away a week at Casa Colonial to a geek.

Well, the contest is over. If you want to know about the details we have unprotected the page at Geek Info. Rocio and I sat down and reviewed the applicants. As I said, it was her decision but I was needed as a translator. The good news is that I completely agreed with her decision.

And, the winner is Greg Bledsoe. Congratulations. And thanks to everyone else for entering.

Greg, the date you decide to visit is pretty much up to you. With the exception of Semana Santa, we currently have the room available any time after the end of January. Contact us at and let us know your pleasure.

One thought on “Geek Contest Winner

  1. Congratulations, Greg! I know you will LOVE Atitlan and the Casa! -Carl

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