Generator Connected

6kW Diesel GeneratorI write this while running off generator power. Not because the power is out but because the generator is now connected and I wanted to make sure all is well.

It’s a 6kW Diesel generator located by the bodega. Yeah, you can hear it in the B&B but it is not very loud. It’s been there for a while but I just installed the (manual) transfer switch. (Automatic is on the agenda but, for now, this is OK.

On the “to do soon” list is add four solar panels (that we already have) and an inverter. That won’t run the whole place but it will cover lights, fridge, and stove in the owner unit, internet, computer and lights in the terrace and hot water. And it should pretty much reduce the electric bill to zero.

Not yet sunsetJune is going to be the month of electrical projects. New service entrance panel and rewiring the downstairs units.