Good Local Shopping Day

I was going to walk to the center of San Antonio to buy a couple of plumbing fittings but Rocio started with a list of things she wanted. So, we went together. I wasn’t expecting to find any interesting food but we did. And, more important, we found more places to buy things.

Purchases included potatoes (Q2.5/lb), lemons (Q1 each), small avocados (Q1 each), a squash for Q1, carrots, tortillas (4 for Q1 — normal price), bananas (Q6/dozen) and some “bread”. When we got back, another “good shopping” happened.

img_2271A muchacha was yelling “tamales” so Rocio went down to see what she had. She bought nine — four bean-filled ones for me and five with some sort of dead animal (probably chicken) for her. Each was Q1. And we now know she regularly goes by. Tasty. In the photo  you see a tamal next to 1/2 of one of those avocados. Great mid-morning snack at a total cost of Q1.5 or about $.20.

Tamal de polloOK, it has been verified, her’s was of chicken but the presentation is different. Mine was wrapped in a corn husk, hers in a platano leaf. Certainly cuts the cost of labeling. 🙂

Other “food passing by” has included a pickup full of platanos at Q1 each and oranges as some amazingly cheap price that I have forgotten. The main trick is to listen, look around and just see what others do.


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