Guacamole Time

GuacamoleAbout once a week Dino brings in a bunch of avocados from our Haas tree in the front year. This week he brought in about 20 avocados and there were about 10 left from last week. We had looked into making guacamole and freezing it. The word was that it should be fine so clearly it was time to try it.

Avocados from the TreeA went through the avocados pulling out the “ready to eat today” ones. I cut them open and removed the pits. I expected a reject or two but they were all perfect. I took out the pulp, put it in the bowl (first photo), added a bit of salt and the juice of two lemons (from the lemon tree behind the house) and mashed it all up with a fork.

There are now two containers in the freezer with “when there are no fresh avocados guacamole”. Based on the number of avocados we have right now, I will probably repeat this sequence in a few days.

2 thoughts on “Guacamole Time

  1. Sounds like you need to grow a crop of garlic. Happy Birthday you old geek!

  2. You’re right. The neighbors (actually just about everyone in town with land) grow onions. We have the land (about 4000m2) we just need to get our act together.
    This has been the year of working on the building. A few more things to do and then we are ready to get serious about planting stuff. For example, we plan to plant a bunch of avocado trees up the hill in April.

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