Hot Water upgrade

When we bought Casa Colonial I recognized there were quite a few things that didn’t meet my “from the US” standards. One was the hot water system.

There were two electric flash heaters — one for downstairs and one for upstairs. One needed to be replaced anyway and heating water with electricity is expensive. In addition, the wiring for them was, well, downright dangerous.

The solution was a big gas flash heater for the entire house. Rocio did much of the plumbing and the heater is now in place and working including an added hot water tap for the washing machine.

The only remaining problem is physical. The heater is connected to a 25 lb. propane tank. There are two 100 lb. tanks in the garage but we are looking for a volunteer to carry them up the steps. Rocio suggested we add an elevator so I put that in our 2025 budget. In the mean time, … 🙂

Next on the agenda, electrical changes.