Learning from Guests

The last two weeks has been really busy with guests from Canada, Europe, the U.S. and Guatemala. The majority found out about us from AirBnB. Someone who finds us there generally is looking for a more personal experience than from a hotel. Compare it to someone who eats at a small local restaurant vs. a chain fast-food place.

On our end, we don’t want to be like a hotel treating our guests as a room number. We want to interact and learn. While I feel this is great, it is a bigger thing for Rocio as she has never been out of Guatemala and spent almost all her life within a few kilometers of Panajachel where she was born. So, our guests travel and see things and we travel by talking to them.

This distinction is generally reflected in comments about us. They talk about us, our cooking and the views from here. Most talk about the oat bread which we make and enough guests have asked for the recipe that it is now up on this site.

External to us is the community. San Antonio Palopó is a small indigenous community. Virtually all the women and some of the men wear traditional clothes. Industry here means ceramics, cloth and products made from cloth. This is not a tourist town but people are really friendly and accomidating. If you want to escape, San Antonio and, of course, Casa Colonial is a great place to be. If, on the other hand, you want a bar next door, lots of Gringos speaking English and such, you should probably stay in Panajachel.