Lemons or Waffles?

serious lemonI just went up to water the garden (not much growing there but we are about to fix that) and I decided to grab a few lemons. We have three lemon trees but one produces “industrial-sized” lemons. The photo is of the biggest one today but there were a lot close to that size which were not yet ripe.

What are we doing with so many lemons? Two things. First, we are juicing lots of them and then freezing in ice cube trays. Thus, we have frozen lemon juice cubes. If you want a “limonada” or “limonada con soda” we have the main ingredient ready.

The second thing is in conjunction with our Hass avocado tree. Right now the tree is producing more than we can eat. So, we mix the avocado meat with a bit of lemon juice and toss in the freezer thus creating guacamole for use when fresh isn’t available.

Rocio's first waffleOK, on the waffles. We have added a couple of waffle irons to our kitchen equipment with a possible plan of doing “Waffle Sundays” not just for our guests but other folks as well. It turns out that Rocio was a “waffle virgin” but did fine both making them and eating them.

We don’t just want “ordinary” waffles. Our plan is to offer:

  • Traditional waffles (mostly for locals)
  • Gluten-free waffles — note that the one you see in the photo is gluten-free made with quinoa, corn and brown rice. Tasty but both more nutritious and more filling than the white flour variety.
  • Vegan — recipe TBD but I expect we can substitute flax for the eggs and nut milk for the dairy milk.

We also want to produce toppings that are not just “a bottle of sugar”. For example, strawberry and blackberry.