Live Camera Fixed, Exciting News Coming

About a month after we put up the new camera it stopped working. I have been waiting for a replacement but I tried a bit of CPR on it today. It’s working again. You can see the results here.

It was not “broken”, it had just lost its mind. That is, it’s correct IP address and other configuration information. No clue who but, this time, I had a backup copy of the config data.

We have been a bit quiet here because we had a big announcement to make that kept getting put off. It looks like things will be finalized next week and we will then tell you the whole story. In the mean time, watch the live images. 🙂

We have some other site issues (the latest I was told was that the second-level menus don’t work in Chrome) but our announcement will mean needing to make some other site changes. So, I hope to do the “repair work” at the same time as the additions. Stay tuned.