Looking toward the busy season

It’s late October and the rain is probably over. Now, I love the rainy season but tourist season tends to not be rainy season. End of rainy season also means start of project season.

Our first outside project is to expand the trees and add a garden space up the hill behind the building. In the past, the limiting factor has been availability of irrigation water. We have it but it is at the level of the building. But, we have a plan.

We purchased a 24V DC pump and controller. That pump plus a solar panel left over from my grid-tie photovoltaic project in Panajachel will give us a free (as in free energy way to get the water up the hill. I will add photos once the system is in place.

More Trip Information

We will be adding more trip information soon. For example, we have a local person who does pickups at the airport in Guatemala City and other trips as desired. We also will have local people who can spend an hour or a day with you touring the local area and/or visiting local markets. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Looking toward the busy season

  1. Oops, spoke too soon. Half an hour after writing this, the rain returned.

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