Mojito time?

JocoteIf you are not familiar with the tropics, you may expect all fruit to be ripe at the same time. Well, that is just not the case. But, there is a lot of stuff that is ripe now. While hard to see because they are currently the same color as the leaves, this is a jocote tree with lots of fruit on it. If they stay on the tree they will turn orange and then red — but the birds will probably think it is there for them.

This is one of the two jocote trees here. I had two when I lived in Estelí Nicaragua. I didn’t have a problem with birds — because the neighbor kids would climb the trees, eat the jocotes and toss the pits down.

There are more.

LemonsThere are also three lemon trees (or, limon, I guess). This  is the medium-sized one and the best producer. I have already picked quite a few and there are lots left. There are also some blossoms so it will continue to produce into October. As for the mojitos, we also have lots of mint growing around the property.

In the background on the left, the red things are apples. There are a few small apple trees and most are producing fruit. But, they all need some serious pruning.

AvocadoThe avocados are getting close to ripe. This is the tree in the front yard. There is also another smaller one up the hill that is starting to produce fruit.

With the avocados it is not the birds that think I want to share, it is the squirrels (who also ate all the peaches from the peach trees). Share is one thing but I want at least some of the fruit.

There is more plus things in the garden. For example, breakfast was poached eggs on a bed of spinach that was growing in the garden two hours ago. As the growing season is only limited by available water — and I pump irrigation water up the hill with a solar-powered pump, I will continue to plant. For example, yesterday I planted more spinach and transplanted some melons that just appeared after someone apparently discarded some melon seeds in the dirt behind the house. I am also in the process of transplanting basil as the seedlings get big enough.