My daughter the cheapskate

Jasmin and Rocio

Jasmin from Switzerland with Rocio in the restaurant in San Lucas.

My daughter and I along with our guest Jasmin went to San Lucas yesterday morning. It was the usual under 30 minute boat trip and while everyone who is not a “local” seems to pay Q10 on the boat, Rocio once again got us the trip at Q5 each. We ate breakfast there (as we are a B&B and Jasmin was supposed to get a breakfast, we bought it for her there) and then did some shopping, mostly at the street market.

Jasmin is from Switzerland and, so far, has only been in San Antonio Guatemala so she got to see the Sunday hustle and bustle in San Lucas. While I was there to buy something in the hardware store and buy fruit, Rocio had a plan to buy some clothing.

When I am shopping I may ask “¿Lo menos?” which basically means “the lowest price” but Rocio tends to carry it to another step. For example, she bought a couple of blouses and spent about 10 minutes to haggle the vendor down from Q50 for both to Q40. (If you are going to go shopping and Rocio is around, it is probably worth it to offer to buy her breakfast or lunch if she will do the bargaining for you.)

When we were done it was about 11AM and we knew the next boat was not until noon so we went to the park. With Rocio’s “gift of gab” and my “Santa Claus” appearance, we got into conversations and some photo taking. Rocio commented later “they wanted a photo with me because I look like Santa Claus”. OK, that works.

Jasmin speaks good English but has only had a one month class in Spanish. This is great for Rocio because she needs to learn more English but is hesitant to practice it. So, they talked a lot in “Spanglish”.

On the trip back we were on the Santa Maria, a big boat from San Antonio. It turns out that it is a “crucero”. That is, it takes people on a cruise around the lake. The enclosed part of the boat was full of San Antonians, about 90% women, with their purchases including a few live chickens. The top level was full of people out for a Sunday cruise — plus us.

As usual, Rocio paid Q15 for the three of us, we got off in San Antonio and walked back to Casa Colonial.