New Walkway, Door Lock

LajasA few of the projects are now done. For example, the path from the entrance to the stairs was a disaster of broken brick tiles and mud. Well, no longer. The construction guys are just finishing up today and it will be ready to walk on tomorrow. For those who want to improve their Spanish, the material is called laja.

Next we have some entrance changes. First, there is a motion-sensitive light and a sign so can actually find us. Entrance changesThe light is off to the right along with a camera so we can see who is ringing the bell (that I will hopefully get hooked up later today. That brings us to the obvious next question, how do we ring the bell. Well, you push the bell button. The what? The next photo will help.


KeypadThe new keypad offers an assortment of features including:

  • “Magic code” entry.
  • The bell — press the lower left button.
  • Electronic key entry. On the key chain with each room key is a little blue disk. Just pass it by the sensor at the bottom of the keypad and the door will open.

More upgrades are in process but that’s where we are right now.