No, We Are Not in Thailand

Sorta funny, sorta not. But, no, Casas de Rocio did not move to the Gulf of Bengal.

Something was wrong with our reservations. We use both AirBnB and Booking but we normally get about twice as many reservations through AirBnB than through Booking. For the last few months we have had zero AirBnB reservations. It was time for me to investigate.

I looked us up. The four listings looked OK. Then I looked at the map. We appeared out in the ocean west of Thailand. Huh? As the map coordinates — not the description of the location — are what is used is searches, anyone looking for a hotel in any place except the Gulf of Bengal was not going to see our listing. And even if that is where they did want to stay, the description was not going to match. 🙂

In any case, it’s fixed. For you, what it means is that rooms that are normally already reserved in December are not. So, there is an opportunity for you.