Of Figs and Hot Tubs

Well, the figs are maturing (as are the mangos). The mangos are new this year with two small trees. Last year we had figs but we had to “share” them. What that means is that the birds got about 75%. I would be OK with 50-50. Let’s see how this year goes.

The rains have started so the hillside behind the B&B has gone from brown to green in about two weeks. It’s not raining every day but it has been a nice mix of rain and sun.

The other thing the rain has done is softened up the soil up the hill. That inspired me to actually mark the location for the hot tub. Mark is an interenting word — more like “adjust the plan”.

The idea is to build it far enough up the hill to have a nice view over the B&B building but not so far that anyone over 40 won’t be able to make it there. The photo at the right is of step 1. The corners are market with pink coat hanger pieces. The ground will be dug down to about the level of the base of the banana tree.

The far side will be pretty much against the huge rock. A patio area will be built further down the hill and am took the photo from pretty much where the toilet and shower building will be built.

Almost done? Clearly not but one of the hardest things was to pick a location that would offer the right view and enough space for the other construction. It shouldn’t be that hard but with a slope of about 45 degrees, even measuring has been less than simple.

We have the solar panels and such and I have contacted Energuate about changing out electric service to autoproducer. The materials list is ready so we can order the specialty parts.

No firm completion date yet but we are moving forward.

Finally, we had a special guest. He was only in the terraza but was one of our most “colorful” guests.