Our Not Good Easter

First, I want to apologize to the clients whose reservations we had to cancel. While we try to be prepared for anything, this anything was bigger than our plans. The short answer is NO WATER. Not just for us but for the community.

Now, unlike most of our neighbors, we have a cistern which directly fills from the municipal water main and then a pump which pumps water into an 1100 liter tank up the hill. We missed checking the cistern level for a couple of days. When I saw it was empty I went up the hill and checked the tank. Less than half full, all the rooms were full and we would have sheets and towels to wash the next day. Oops.

The next day there was some water from the municipality but only enough to fill the tank. Still nothing in the cistern and, today, again no water. So, we have had a very dry Easter and canceled a lot of bookings. Sorry.

On to better things, the photo is of neighbors decorating the streets — a yearly tradition here. This photo was taken directly in front of Casa Colonial. There were more decorations and candles later but it was too dark for photos. Virtually all the streets of town were decorated.

While I am offering up photos, this one was taken before 0600 this morning as I was up the hill behind the B&B watering some plants. It was just starting to get light so you could see the hills on the other side of the lake but the moon was still visible. This reminds me of one of the big reasons I live living here. For those who are thinking “they have no water but he was irrigating plants”, let me explain. There is municipal water for household use and there is irrigation water which runs in ditches. We have irrigation water but it is not exactly the kind of stuff you would want to use to wash your clothes or anything else unless you don’t mind the end result being brown.

Do we have any plans for changes here? Lots but adding a second water storage tank up the hill behind the building just got added to the list. I’ll keep you posted.