Pay Us with Bitcoin

I keep forgetting to post this always intending to do a serious site upgrade and include this information but never get around to it. So, let me say it now: you can pay your bill here with Bitcoin.

If you want to do that, send email to and we will respond with an amount and bitcoin address. I will formalize this and get it integrated into the site.

Why Bitcoin?

Aside from being a believer in Bitcoin and wanting to offer one more place where people can spend it, it offers convenience for all of us:

  1. We are a little business and accepting credit cards would cost us more than it is worth.
  2. While you can pay with PayPal, not everyone has a PayPal account and, in Guatemala, you must have an account to send a payment.
  3. For international transactions, there are no issues.

If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, this video will tell you more than you probably want to know. While it gets a little technical in places it really is designed for a regular consumer rather than a computer geek.