pollosWhile there are not a lot of “street vendors” here, there are some. And, some aren’t selling anything — they just want stuff. Yesterday, for example, I guy was looking for latas (cans). Today, it was chicken.

If you live in the U.S. or another first world country you would probably be surprised by someone selling chicken on the street. And more surprised if they were walking along selling it. But, this morning it was even more non-US.

I heard him yelling out “pollo” (chicken) but as he got closer I reallized he was saying “pollos”. Then I heard to sound of a chicken. That was enough to get me to stand up and walk over to the part of the terrace where you can see the street.

Sure enough, pollos. It was a guy walking along with a cardboard box on his head. The content: live chickens.