Progress on the upgrades

Not everything is done (and probably never will be) but we are making progress. Here are the significant events.

  • The loza over the garage is done and, finally, the support timbers have been removed. That means two things: I can, once again, park my car here and we are ready to build the workshop above the garage.
  • The solar powered irrigation pump is hooked up. What that means is the power is run from the panel area to the pump and 42 meters of water pipe are in place. In other words, we have proved it works. Still to be done is mount the solar panel (it is just on the grass right now), put a water tank up the hill for irrigation water, add a water sensor so the pump won’t start if there is no water and add a waterproof box over the pump and electronics.
  • A new garden space has been prepared up the hill (but below the new water line) and we are starting some plants.
  • We have most of the new lights we will be installing to replace the totally inadequate lighting. LED lights so high efficiency.

I should have estimates for the workshop construction soon. The choices are to make it out of block or cypress. Each has advantages and disadvantages but I am leaning toward the cypress just because I think it will look really nice.