Random Updates

First, I just opened up reservations for the rest of the year. Rocio is back home with her son and things have settled down.

Now, I owed everyone a story a month ago but things just didn’t happen as planned. But, we have a new plan which will be less extensive but should make everyone happy. What didn’t happen? The deal to buy the property next door fell through. But, call this “Plan B”. It will address the items on our list.

  • The first item was our own off-street parking. After thinking a lot of measuring a lot, we have decided to make a parking area at the front of the existing property. It means taking out a few trees and changing the entrance but it will work. Construction begins soon.
  • The next item was a hot tub. More space would have given us a bigger area and easier access. A re-design of the layout and we can put it on the existing land. The biggest issue was going to be easy and safe access. A new set of stairs from right behind our main building addresses that issue.
  • A third item was to add eco-cabinas and an outdoor kitchen to the property. (Eco-cabina basically means something independent and off-grid.) The idea was from Ben and Annie — guests from Canada. Ben is aware of the change of plans but we are confident that there will be space to build further up the hill on this property. They will be here later this year and we will work out the details.

That’s all the “gotta do it” stuff. We see little to no guest impact as we do the work. We are meeting with an albañil (mason) and will come up with a firm plan. And I have to order a lot of things for the hot tub project.

Additionally, I have started a fun personal project — I am going to convert an old VW bug (called a Vocho here) to electric. I have the car — a 1972 SuperBug — and have started ordering supplies to refurbish it. More about it on my personal blog. As far as impact on the B&B, it just means we will put a concrete floor in our garage. I am too old to work on a car on a crushed rock floor.

Finally, we have been updating our Services page. Of particular interest is the Transportation part. It is very easy to get from Guatemala City to here by public transport and we are adding information about that. For example, one can leave from “Calle 41” (where all the west-bound buses leave from) in Guatemala City at 0830 on a bus that will take you directly to San Antonio Palopó. That is, no bus changes.

More transportation updates to come. Stay tuned.